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Free Video Lessons

Get access to all my KS2 maths videos from this page.

To get the most benefit, it is important to try each question yourself before watching the video, so download and print the SATs Practice Papers first.

These video lessons will help you:
· Study for the SATs
· Review topics you learned in class
· Understand your homework assignments

Please note: each video might take a few minutes to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Video Tutorials for Test: Set 1 Paper A

1. Understanding Place Value Using Digit Cards

2. Mental Arithmetic – Finding the Missing Numbers

3. How to Calculate Prices and Work Out Change

4. Shading a Fraction of a Shape

5. Using Information in Tables – Multiples, Factors, Odd and Even Numbers

6. Working with Digital Time

7. How to Interpret Pictograms

8. Calculating The Difference Between Two Numbers

9. Mental Arithmetic – Finding Numbers that Sum to 1000

10. Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To

11. How to Draw the Reflection of a Shape in a Mirror Line

12. Understanding Bar Charts

13. Working Out the Perimeter of a Shape

14. How Likely is This?

15. Money and Ratio

16. Working With Coordinates & Properties of Isosceles Triangles

17. Measuring With a Ruler

18. Solving Money Word Problems

19. Sequences – Multiples of 25

20. Converting and Ordering Metric Measures

21. Ordering and Comparing Fractions

22. Subtracting Decimal Numbers

23. Matching Equivalent Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Video Tutorials  for Test: Set 1 Paper B

1. Matching Pairs of Numbers that Add up to 1000

2. Division Word Problem

3. Calculating Time Problem

4. Understanding Probability or Likelihood

5. Working with Money Word Problems

6. Net of a Cube or Box SATs Question

7. Multiples and Rules of Divisibility

8. How to Work Out Problems with Brackets or Parentheses

9. Multiplication and Division Word Problem

10. How to Interpret a Table of Information

11. Sorting Numbers on a Venn Diagram

12. Money Word Problem and Rounding Numbers

13. Finding the Area of a Shaded Shape

14. How to Find the Next Two Numbers in a Sequence

15. How to Work Out the Area and Perimeter of a Compound Shape

16. Patterns, Sequences and Proportion

17. Ordering Decimals, Fractions and Percentages on a Number Line

18. How to Translate a Shape on Squared Paper

19. How to Calculate the Angles of an Isosceles Triangle

20. Calculating a Fraction of a Number

21. Solving a Word Problem with Litres and Millilitres

22. Temperature and Negative Numbers

23. "Think of a Number" Word Problem

Video Tutorials  for Test: Set 2 Paper A

1. Mental Arithmetic – Matching Equal Values

2. How to Shade a Fraction of a Shape

3. Using Tally Charts and Bar Charts

4. Solve a Simple Missing Number Equation

5. Adding and Subtracting Time

6. Drawing Lines of Reflection on a Pentagon

7. Money Word Problems – Rounding, Working Out Change, etc

8. Plotting Coordinates to Find This Shape

9. Sorting Factors and Square Numbers on a Venn Diagram

10. Probability: impossible, unlikely, likely or certain?

11. Finding Rectangles with the Same Areas but Different Perimeters

12. Metric Measures: Litres and Millilitres

13. How to Do Long Division

14. How to Do Long Multiplication

15. How to Measure a Length and an Angle of a Triangle

16. Equivalent Fractions – Circle the Fractions that are the Same Size

17. Understanding Pie Charts

18. Sequences and Negative Numbers

19. Ratio and Proportion Word Problems

20. Ordering Decimal Numbers (Understanding Place Value)

21. Calculating Missing Angles in Triangles

Video Tutorials  for Test: Set 2 Paper B

1. Digit Cards and Pairs of Numbers that Sum to 100

2. Reading Clocks and Digital Time

3. Money Word Problem

4. Sequences of Blocks

5. Drawing the Reflection of a Shape in a Mirror Line

6. Money Word Problem

7. Interpreting Bar Charts

8. Properties of Triangles, Right Angles, Acute Angles, Obtuse Angles

9. Finding the Factors of 24

10. Probability and Ratio Word Problem

11. Working with Tables – Multiples and Square Numbers

12. Plotting the Co-ordinates of a Shape

13. Finding the Missing Numbers in a Sequence

14. Number-Line Word Problems

15. Fractions and Percentages

16. Division Word Problem Using a Calculator

17. Interpreting Line Graphs

18. Fraction and Percentage of Shaded Shape

19. Rounding Decimals to the Nearest Whole Number

20. Identifying Prime Numbers

21. Find the Missing Number in this Equation

22. Working with Negative Numbers

KS2 Mathematics SATs Practice Paper


“After doing the test papers, they had a look at the video explanations.  Hope [Year 4] now understands the questions that she hasn’t yet covered in school!”

Becky (Hope’s Mum)

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